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About Ili

With parents who both served over 35 years in the service and F&B industry Ili found her passion for cooking and being of service to people early on in her life. She lived in London for a total of 8 years where she studied Bussines at ​​​​​​​​ Queen Mary University of London and upon graduation, worked in a fine dining establishment in London called Mosimann.  She was with the company for 3 years, working firstly in front of house andspent the majority of her time in Sales and Events. It was really at Mosimann's where she got bitten by the hospitality bug. Her career highlight was being part of the team that catered for the wedding of Prince William’s to Duchess of Cambridge back in 2011. ​​
Upon returning to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, she worked as an Event and Logistics Manager for Teach For Malaysia coordinating most of the events for the succcesful NGO which included teach For Malaysia Week, teacher training institute, confrences and also recruitment activities which brought her accross Malaysian states and exposing her to the world of education. In 2014, she left Teach For Malaysia and started her own food delivery business called Dish by Ili from home. Serving wholesome meals in classic tiffin carriers, Ili was one of the pioneers in the food delivery scene in Malaysia and still runs it successfully in a central kitchen she shares with Root Cellar KL catering services.
In 2015 Ili entered a Asian wide talent search for Asian Food Channel and won the title of 'Food Hero Asia' and has since gone on to appear on TV and has a string of digital cooking videos online. Ili along with Basira Yeusuff (Owner of Root Cellar KL) founded Goodwill and Eats to house their food delivery and catering operations. in 2016 Basira and a third partner Nizam they founded Agak Agak Restaurant , an establishment that serves modern Malaysian cuisine in the heart of Bangsar that also houses the Agak Agak Initiative , a social enterprise that recruits vulnerable youth in a kitchen, service and leadership program. Their business model focuses on the sustainability of the business with revenue channels that include the daily running’s of the restaurant as well as consulting and packaging a business model that has a social impact embedded in it. 
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Get in touch with Jihan Ili's Manager for any other enquiries here  enquiries.jar@gmail.com 

About Dish by Ili

Founded in June 2014 by Ili Sulaiman, Dish by Ili was established after a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer who seeked wholesome comfort food told her to go forth with her passion.​​​​​​​
Dish by Ili, started off as a wholesome food delivery service that provides meals to your door in classic tiffin carriers.
Since then Dish by Ili has moved on to indulge foodies in  workshops, cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, events and gatherings that promises great tastes, big laughs and insightful exchanges.

Inspired by Malaysian heritage, and an ethos of warm, fuss free food made from scratch and a lot of love poured into every detail of their day to day activities the Dish by Ili team promises you to enjoy and savour every laugh, exchange, crunch, slurp and gulp with a big smile on your face.

Currently her team resides in the heart of Bangsar and shared a kitchen with Root Cellar KL. They have a full fledge studio where Ili and her team conducts their cooking classes and foodie exchanges.

To find out more email dishbyili@gmail.com or contact us here!
Cook with Love
Whenever you cook for yourself or for someone, cook the food with love. No kid, even if it doesn't turn out the way you hoped it to be, people can still taste the difference.
Have confidence in yourself. The ingredients you use to cook can somehow feel the awkwardness or reacts because you're indecisive, so just take a deep breath and give it a crack. If everything fails, start over.
Keep it simple and fresh!
Just keep it simple. If you know how to cook that one dish, by all means cook that one dish over and over again. Cook it so well and just use the best ingredients. People will remember it.
Invest in good quality cooking utensils
Invest in good equality cooking equipment and utensils from the start. They will serve you well in the long run